Getting Started

This quick guide will show you how to use RightFont to manage, preview, install & un-install fonts. You’ll also get a few simple pointers on setting yourself up for productivity.

System Requirements

RightFont works on all Mac devices running macOS 10.13 and later, Intel or Apple silicon. No Windows version right now.

Download & Update

To start using the app, first you need to download RightFont from our website.

Or if you have already used the app, you can upgrade to the latest version using Check for Updates from the app menu.

Font Library

What is Font Library? Font Library is a container where you organize and save all your font files & font lists. It’s nothing new but a special folder on your computer, that can be opened by dragging to RightFont app or simple double-click.

You can share a font library with your team by storing it within a local Dropbox or Google Drive shared folder.

Create a Font Library

To create a font library, simply click the + button at the right bottom corner.

Enter a name for your font library in the dialog. Then choose where you want to save this font library, click Save button to save it after you decided.

Now try adding some font files to this newly created font library, you can do that by simple drag and drop.

The following font formats are supported:

  • OpenType (.otf)
  • TrueType (.ttf)
  • TrueType Collection (.ttc)
  • Mac font (.dfont)
  • Type 1 (PostScript)


Like Playlist organizes songs, Fontlist helps you organize font files. Even better, you can organize fonts in in a more efficient way by creating nested fontlists.

To create a fontlist, right-click on a font library, and select New Fontlist from the context menu to do just that. If you want to add a font to this fontlist, drag a font from your library onto its name. You can add each font to multiple fontlists.

Font Installation

If you want to install a new font, just add the font to RightFont, then activate it by clicking the small check icon. The font should be instantly available system wide, and every app on your device can use this font.

Note: you cannot use a font without activating it first.

Click that icon once again to deactivate the corresponding font when you don’t need it any more. Thus you cannot find and use that font in any app.

There is another way to enable or disable fonts: Context menu. After selected a font, right-click on the font, select Activate to do that. You can even activate or deactivate multiple fonts at once in this way.

Change Font Preview

RightFont can preview your font in real time without activating them first. Just enter any custom preview text in the top right text field, and you’ll see the font list keeps changing.

By clicking the arrow icon button, you have the choice to choose any predefined sample preview from the menu. Click the text to fill it into preview field.

Switch Font Grid View & Theme

RightFont 5 ships with several font view options and themes, we recommend you to try it yourself to find which view meets your need.

Note: the middle Card view is responsive. When the RightFont window resizes, the grid columns may be increased to show more fonts within one screen.

Have any questions?