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Use RightFont to preview, sync, install, and manage fonts on your Mac or Dropbox/Google Drive. Add font organization functionality for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, etc.

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Welcome to RightFont, a lightweight and fast font manager for your Mac. It helps you preview, sync, and organize fonts stored in any location without installing them. Icon fonts? Check. Dropbox sync? Check. Google Fonts? Check.

The future of font managers


Made for today's designers

Simple and beautiful. Find and organize fonts in RightFont. Use them directly when you work.

Activate / Deactivate font

Automatic font activation

Photoshop / InDesign

Set up your team's font server

Sync with Google Fonts

Find the right font faster

Use icon fonts in your design

Drag the icon to your design software. The icon will be placed as a vector layer.
Here is a list of icon fonts

RightFont keyboard shortcuts

+ (plus)
Zoom In: zoom in the preview's font size.
- (minus)
Zoom Out: zoom out the preview's font size.
⌘ G
Toggle Family View: toggle font family view.
⌘ F
Find: highlight the search field.
Page Up
Page Up: scroll screen up.
Page Down
Page Up: scroll screen down.
Space: scroll screen down.
ESC: close main window.

How integration works

RightFont supports Sketch, Adobe CC (& CS) apps, and...

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* One year premium support includes: one-year free upgrade, 24/7 email and remote support, and one opportunity to transfer your license to another computer.

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Why do you make RightFont?

Times have changed, but font managers haven't. RightFont organizes fonts quite differently—you can use organized fonts directly in other software.

Which fonts does RightFont support?

.dfont, OpenType (.otf), TrueType (.ttf), TrueType Collection (.ttc), and Type 1 (PostScript).

Is RightFont suitable for team use?

Yes! RightFont can utilize Dropbox or Google Drive to build your team's own font server—much more stable and cheaper than any other font server solutions.

Can I use Dropbox?

Yes. You can also use Google Drive, Box Sync, OneDrive, BitTorrent Sync, or even Adobe Creative Cloud. Local shared folder is supported as well.

How many fonts can I organize?

No limit. RightFont loads fonts very quickly, and won't slow down your computer.

How many icon fonts can I use?

We ship more than 4,000 icons including FontAwesome, Ionicons, Material Design, etc. You'll be able to add your own icons in later updates.

Can RightFont manage Adobe Typekit fonts?

Yes. RightFont automatically collects all installed Typekit fonts in one list, and you can activate/deactivate them.

Can RightFont sync with Google Fonts?

Yes. RightFont can automatically download Google fonts, and sort them by popularity or font name.

Does it support macOS Sierra?

Yes. RightFont supports Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and later.

How long before I receive my license?


What if I still haven’t received my license?

If you don’t receive your license after 10 minutes, check your e-mail junk folder first. Contact us if it's not there.

Can I request a refund?

Yes. We provide a 15-day money-back guarantee.