This is a place to share common problems and solutions to them.

Fonts not shown in some apps

Make sure you have activated the fonts you want to use, you'll see a green check icon besides them. If you still cannot find fonts within the fonts list in specific app, please try to restart your target app. However, if activated fonts not listed everywhere, please don't hesitate to email us with these font files attached.

Fonts not imported

Those fonts that had been imported already will not be reimported once again. In addition, RightFont does not support WOFF at this moment, make sure you are not adding .woff or .woff2 font files.

No cloud fonts shown

Adobe Typekit collection requires you to install and run Creative Cloud app on your computer. SkyFonts collection requires SkyFonts app and Monotype Library collection requires Monotype App.

Auto Activation not working

Go to Preferences - Auto Activation to check if this function was turned off. If you still cannot see the missing fonts dialog, the app you are using is probably not supported yet. Browse our supported apps list here.

RightFont not opening

You may need to delete the app cache data. To do this, select Go - Go to Finder… menu in Finder, and then paste the the following file path and hit Go button.

~/Library/Application Support/RightFont/

After the selected cache files was deleted, restart RightFont app.

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