Here are some common problems and their solutions:

Fonts not appearing in certain apps

Ensure that you have activated the fonts you wish to use. Activated fonts will display a green dot icon next to them.

If you still cannot find the fonts within the font list of a specific app, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, consider restarting the app. If the activated fonts are not listed across all apps, please contact us via email and attach the font files.

Tip: Because Adobe CC apps have discontinued support for Postscript fonts, you will not find these fonts in their app's font list.

Fonts not importing

Previously imported fonts will not be reimported. Additionally, RightFont does not currently support WOFF2 fonts, so ensure you are not adding .woff2 font files.

Cloud fonts not showing

For Adobe Fonts collection, install and run the Creative Cloud app on your computer. Any fonts available in your Adobe account will automatically appear in RightFont for easy access. For Google Fonts collection, select Google Fonts in the sidebar, then click Sync button. RightFont will initiate the download process, and once completed, all Google fonts will be available within the app.

Auto-Activation not functioning

Check if the Auto-Activation feature is turned on in Settings - Auto Activation. If the missing fonts dialog still does not appear, the app you are using may not be supported yet. Refer to our list of supported apps for compatibility.

RightFont not launching

Try deleting the app cache data. Open Finder and select Go > Go to Folder... from the menu. Then, paste the following file path and click the Go button:

~/Library/Application Support/RightFont/

Tip: Restart RightFont app after the selected cache files are deleted.

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