Create and work with font libraries in RightFont

RightFont utilizes font libraries to provide a centralized and stable location for organizing all your fonts. By using font libraries, you can minimize conflicts with your system fonts and ensure a more streamlined font management experience.

Here are the steps to create and effectively work with font libraries in RightFont:

  1. Open RightFont on your computer.
  2. Click + button in the sidebar, choose "New Library" from the context menu.
  1. Give your font library a descriptive name.
  1. Once the font library is created, you can begin populating it with fonts. There are several ways to add fonts to your library:

    • Drag and drop font files from your computer directly into the font library area.
    • Use the "Import Fonts" option from the context menu to select and import font files.
    • If you have fonts organized in folders on your computer, you can use the "Import Fonts" option to import entire folders and their contents into the font library.
  2. You can further categorize and organize your fonts using fontlists.

Create a fontlist

  1. To create a fontlist, right-click on the font library and select "New Fontlist" from the context menu. Give the fontlist a name that represents its purpose or category.
  1. Drag and drop fonts from the font library into the fontlist or use the "Import Fonts" option from the context menu to add fonts to specific fontlists.
  2. You can also create nested fontlists within fontlists, allowing for even more granular organization and categorization of your fonts.

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