Filter fonts by category, property or language

In RightFont, you can utilize filters to quickly find the fonts you need. Whether you're searching for a specific font category, font properties like weight or width, or fonts with dedicated language support, our filters help you narrow down your selection and find the perfect font in no time.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and easily discover the fonts that best suit your design projects with RightFont's intuitive filtering system.

Filter fonts by categories

You have the option to filter fonts by categories, such as serif, sans-serif, script, display, and more. This helps you focus on specific font styles that align with your design requirements.

Important: RightFont automatically classifies most imported fonts based on data from popular foundries like Linotype, Monotype, Adobe, Google, and more. For any uncatalogued fonts, simply right-click and use the context menu to manually classify them.

Filter fonts by font properties

You can filter fonts based on their properties, including width, weight, x-Height and other characteristics. This allows you to refine your search based on specific font attributes that suit your project. To clear the property filter, simply click the ↻ button.

Filter fonts by languages

Simply select the desired language from the language popup, and RightFont will display fonts that are specifically designed or optimized for that particular language.

Whether you're working on multilingual designs, localizing content, or seeking fonts with extensive language support, RightFont's dedicated language search feature helps you find the perfect fonts to convey your message effectively and accurately in any language.

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