Share Fonts with Your Team

We built RightFont specifically for fonts collaboration and to make it possible to share fonts easily with your whole team. You will learn the basics of fonts collaboration through RightFont from this guide.


Fonts collaboration is achieved easily by sharing font libraries.

When creating a font library, you have the choice to save the library file to a local shared folder, managed by Dropbox, Google Drive or Box client on your computer.

If you have granted someone permission in your team to this folder, they should be able to find the font library on their computer now. By double clicking on it, the font library will be opened by RightFont and the collaboration workflow established.

From now on, whenever new fonts was added to this library, fonts removed, any fontlist added or renamed, etc. RightFont will retrieve all these changes automatically for every collaborator.

Available Sync Services

RightFont can handle almost every cloud sync service. However, we have tested below ones for your reference.

iCloud Dropbox Google Drive Box OneDrive Mega WebDAV Rackspace FTP / SFTP Adobe Creative Cloud Microsoft Azure Amazon Drive

Notes for Box Users

Due of the limitation of Box, Font Library cannot be saved into a Box folder directly.

Here is a workaround: After you created an empty font library, open, drag the library file to upload. When the uploading is finished, you will notice that library appears within your Box folder.

However, other people can use the font library directly without doing this. Once you shared this Box folder to your teammates, they can easily import the library by double clicking it.

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