Syne Tactile

Designed by Bonjour Monde, Lucas Descroix

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About Syne Tactile

The Syne family was originally designed in 2017 for the Art Center "Synesthésie", based in Saint-Denis — a suburb of Paris. The Art Center aims to gather diverse artistic personalities in order to create new and enriching situations. Based on that idea, Syne is an exploration of atypical associations of weights and styles.

Syne Tactile shares its x-height and optical weight with Syne Regular. The unusual exercice of trackpad-calligraphy, in association with handwriting models from the Renaissance, gives the font a rough yet flourished look.

Checkout the other two members of this heteroclite family: Syne and Syne Mono.

Syne was conceptualized by Bonjour Monde and designed by Lucas Descroix with the help of Arman Mohtadji. To contribute, see

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