Designed by Bonnie Shaver-Troup, Thomas Jockin, Santiago Orozco, Héctor Gómez, Superunion

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About Lexend

Lexend fonts are intended to reduce visual stress and so improve reading performance. Initially they were designed with dyslexia and struggling readers in mind, but Bonnie Shaver-Troup, creator of the Lexend project, soon found out that these fonts are also great for everyone else.

The first set of Lexend fonts by Thomas Jockin ( Deca, Exa, Giga, Mega, Peta, Tera, Zetta) becomes wider and more openly spaced (also known as "tracked out"). This new version of Lexend is a variable font with a weight axis.

Please note that the initial release of this font had a lighter Regular weight. It has been decided for the update of July 2021 to align the Regular weight with the one of Lexend Deca which is slightly bolder. Lexend and Lexend Deca are therefore the same (for now…). Ultimately this version will offer a HyperExpansion axis which will allow variation of inner and outer space of letterforms.

True to Bonnie’s vision, Lexend fonts are freely available for all since 2019 in Google Fonts.

To contribute, see github.com/googlefonts/lexend. For more information, see lexend.com.

To learn more, read Clean and clear: making reading easier with Lexend(English), Partnering to change how the world reads(English), and Eine Partnerschaft mit dem Ziel, das Leseerlebnis weltweit zu verändern(Germany).

How to install fonts

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These fonts are licensed under the Open Font License.

You can use them freely in your products & projects - print or digital, commercial or otherwise.

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