Jacques Francois Shadow

Designed by Cyreal

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About Jacques Francois Shadow

Jacques Francois Shadow is a revival of the 1760 Enschedé no. 811 type specimen by Jacques François Rosart (1714-1774) made for Enschedé Printing House. It was designed to give an even typographic color while preserving the essential historic peculiarities of the original. It has an expanded glyph set, and to improve readability on the web the x-height is increased and the thinnest parts of letterforms are more sturdy.

Jacques Francois Shadow is designed for large sizes and manually hinted for better screen performance starting from 24 ppem. This means that on Windows machines it will work best from 18pt (at 96ppi) or 15pt (at 120ppi) and from 24pt on Mac (at 72ppi.) Old style figures are included.

There is also Jacques Francois, a text variant.

Jacques Francois was designed by Manvel Shmavonyan and Alexei Vanyashin. To contribute, see github.com/cyrealtype/Jacques-Francois-Shadow

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