Crimson Pro

Designed by Jacques Le Bailly

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About Crimson Pro

Crimson Pro is a serif typeface family: Contemporary, clear, classic and rounded/open. Something for a college textbook, editorial websites and any reading experience with book-length texts It contributes to the tradition of beautiful Garamond-inspired typefaces, often called “Garalde” or “Old Style,” and has 8 named weights, in Roman and Italic, and is available as a Variable Font with a Weight axis.

The first Crimson design was initiated by Sebastian Kosch in 2009, and he later completely redrew a new version called Crimson Prime. Google commissioned Jacques Le Bailly to review both typefaces, and develop Crimson Pro as a new design that synthesises both designs into a final authoritative family, first released in January 2019. All decisions were made to enable better readability for longer texts and the ability to make good and diverse typography.

The Crimson Pro project is led by Jacques Le Bailly, a type designer based in Den Haag, Netherlands. To contribute, see

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