RightFont 4! AI font auto-activation, performance improvement & font glyphs
Version 4.0

Today we are happy to announce that RightFont 4 is out! 👏

Adobe Illustrator font auto-activation feature is introduced, as well as the font glyphs list. In addition, RightFont 4.0 performance is greatly improved, it's now at least 3x faster than v3!

Font auto-activation plugin for Illustrator CC 2018

Font glyphs window

Some other improvements & bug fixes introduced:

  • Render performance for font list / grid view was greatly improved, no more waiting cursor again!
  • Updated Google Fonts collection to the latest version
  • Some other minor bugs
  • Introducing Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo support
    Version 3.3.0

    Since more and more users are requesting to integrate RightFont with Affinity Designer / Photo, we worked with Affinity team on this case and finally found a solution to make it happen!

    In this version, you can apply font to text layer in your Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo document with a single click.

    Besides that, we also added the support to these applications:

  • Sketch 42
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 apps
  • PaintCode
  • Added Sketch 40 support
    Version 3.2.5

    This version added Sketch 40 support, and improved stability on the latest macOS.

    We also fixed the bug that the newly synced fonts in live list failed to be activated automatically when the option 'Activate fonts after imported' is enabled.

    Version 3.2.4 released
    Version 3.2.4

    Improved product stability.

    Version 3.2.3 released
    Version 3.2.3

    Fixed the font activation issue when activating font family in group view.

    Version 3.2.2 released
    Version 3.2.2

    Fixed the font activation issue when system was restarted in some cases.

    Fixed auto-activation & UI bugs
    Version 3.2.1

    Some users reported that the font auto activation issue with InDesign, and we fixed it in this version. Fixed the window level issue. Fixed the issue that Photoshop may cannot open PSD file while RightFont is running.

    Version 3.2.0 released
    Version 3.2.0

    Fixed the font drag & drop issue in family group view.

    Version 3.1.3 released
    Version 3.1.3

    Fixed the drag & drop issue with Adobe Illustrator.

    Version 3.1.2 released
    Version 3.1.2

    Improved font display for some Postscript Type 1 fonts.

    Version 3.1.1 released
    Version 3.1.1

    Improved font display for some Postscript Type 1 fonts.

    Postscript Type 1 fonts, grid view and more!
    Version 3.1.0

    In this version, we added full support for Postscript Type 1 fonts! You can drag these fonts to import or put them in a live list folder to import automatically.

    We also added an option to display font grid view as narrow (the square style) or wide (like Google Fonts poster style)

    Some other new features was introduced:

  • Added the ability to view Google fonts on Google.com (Quick Use feature).
  • Added the ability to apply font by clicking font family in group view.
  • Added some shortcuts -- PageUp to scroll screen up; PageDown or Space to scroll screen down; ⌘ + F to highlight the search field.
  • Some issues was fixed:

  • Fixed the 'Preview not available' issue for Postscript Type 1 fonts.
  • Fixed the instant crash issue at startup.
  • Fixed the integration issue with InDesign CC.
  • Fixed the auto font activation issue for InDesign CC.
  • Improved sync performance for Google Fonts
    Version 3.0.1

    Improved sync performance for Google Fonts. Now OTF type among duplicate fonts will be preferentially imported.

    This version fixed the font dragging issue with few design software, and the database issue when upgrading to v3.

    RightFont V3! Group View, Google Fonts, and more!
    Version 3.0

    RightFont 3.0 is here!

    We finally made RightFont a serious font manager app on your Mac, shipping with the font management features like group view , font auto activation, and Google Fonts sync.

    Introduced features in version 3.0:

  • Added the ability to group fonts by families in list view. (⌘ + G to toggle)
  • Added the ability to download & sync Google Fonts collection.
  • Added the ability to sort Google fonts by popularity or font name.
  • Added the ability to import fonts by dragging fonts into RightFont window.
  • Added the option to activate fonts after imported.
  • Added the option to skip duplicate fonts when importing.
  • Some improvement & bug fixes:

  • Hided duplicate system fonts that start with a dot by default.
  • Updated default icon for built-in font lists.
  • Fixed the TextEdit integration issue.
  • Fixed some other bugs to improve the stability.