5 min Quick Start

A short guide helps you get started with RightFont quickly

Activate / Deactivate font

Automatic font activation

Photoshop / InDesign

Set up your team's font server

Sync with Google Fonts

Find the right font faster

Use icon fonts in your design

Drag the icon to your design software. The icon will be placed as a vector layer.

Integration with design software

RightFont keyboard shortcuts

+ (plus)
Zoom In: zoom in the preview's font size.
- (minus)
Zoom Out: zoom out the preview's font size.
⌘ G
Toggle Family View: toggle font family view.
⌘ F
Find: highlight the search field.
Page Up
Page Up: scroll screen up.
Page Down
Page Up: scroll screen down.
Space: scroll screen down.
ESC: close main window.