Search and Filter Fonts

This quick guide will show you how to search fonts, or filter fonts by classifications, properties and languages in RightFont filter panel.

Basic Search

Search for fonts by their basic information, such as font name, family or style. The search results will be updated in real time as you type in the search field.

Advanced Filter

By clicking the Search icon in the search field, you are able to toggle the filter panel that offers some options to help finding the right font quickly. Click the Clear button to reset filter queries.

Font Classification

Filtering fonts by font classification can help you narrow down the number of fonts shown to similar types.

Font Weight & Width

You have the choice to filter fonts by their weight and width property.


Search for fonts which have dedicated language support.

Important Notes

Most fonts imported into RightFont will be classified automatically based on the data from various foundries like Linotype, Monotype, Adobe, Google, etc. For other uncatalogued fonts, you can manually classify them through context menu by right clicking.

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