Open Any Folder

With the latest release of RightFont, you can open any folder directly to browse fonts inside. When fonts are added or deleted in the chosen folder, RightFont will try to update its own UI responsively.

This section will show you how to use syncing folder to achieve better font management.

Choose a Folder

Open application menu in RightFont, select File - Open Folder, then choose a folder from the file dialog.

If everything goes well, you will notice all fonts contained in the chosen folder (even in sub-folders) has been loaded automatically. Now you are able to preview, search or activate these fonts as normal. In the future, however, whenever fonts are added or deleted in that folder, RightFont will receive these changes and update the fonts list for you.

Stay in Sync

Suppose you have already organized all your fonts in a folder, you can now browse your fonts without creating a font library and import them again. It means no need to copy font files into another location and take up disk space.

Even better, if the folder is syncing over Dropbox or Google Drive, anyone who has access to it can enjoy the unlimited and powerful font collaboration right away.

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