Migration Guide to 5.0

RightFont 5 was redesigned completely to make the app stable, fast and much easier for fonts collaboration in design teams. Font Library was introduced as well in this version, this section will show you how to migrate RightFont 4.x database to the RightFont 5.0.

Note: please upgrade your 4.x version to 4.12 at least.

How to Migrate Fontlists

In RightFont 4.x, font files are stored separately with Fontlists. However, the 5.0 version provides an unified solution to organize fonts & fontlists.

First, create an empty Font Library in 5.x version, then create the same fontlists as 4.x. Now open RightFont 4.x, enter each fontlist, select all fonts inside and drag them to the same fontlist in 5.x. Fonts will be imported to your new font library and then added to that fontlist.

New Collaboration Workflow

From RightFont 5.0, you don't need to create and map a Live List, then share that corresponding folder with your teammates. If you have more live lists to share, you must repeat this step again and again.

Instead of that tedious process, however, with the new RightFont 5 update you simply create a font library and share it over Dropbox or Google Drive folder only once. A font library is a special folder that can contain both fontlists and font files, with this portable container, you and your team enjoy unlimited fonts collaboration.

If you want to learn more on how to share fonts with your team, read and follow this guide.