In the latest release of RightFont 5.5, we added the ability to allow you choose a folder and keep all containing fonts always in sync. Let's take a closer look.

Sync any folder and containing sub-folders

Open application menu, select File - Open Folder to access this feature. When you choose a folder, all fonts inside (even in sub-folders) will be loaded immediately. In the future, however, whenever fonts are added or deleted in that folder, RightFont will receive these changes and update the fonts list for you.

Load fonts automatically without copying font files

You may have already been organizing fonts in folders on your computer, however, with the help of Syncing Folder, no more need to copy font files into your font library and take up disk space. Syncing Folder simply works by loading fonts automatically from any folder.

Other improvements and bug fixes

And there are more improvements in this release! We added the option to filter fonts by format or activation status in filter panel, and the option to follow system appearance to enable or disable theme auto-switch.

Please take a moment to try out these new features and improvements and contact us if you have any questions.