Icon Fonts are very popular tools for building websites nowadays. As they are real fonts, you can install them directly on your system. However, it is not so easy to find the right glyph without an professional font manager. But you can do this in today’s 5.4 release. Let’s take a look.

Shipped with the most popular icon fonts

RightFont 5.4 shipped with a simply beautiful collection of free Icon Fonts, including Font Awesome, Google Material Icons, Typicons, Entypo+, and more. This collection will keep growing in upcoming versions.

By default this feature is not turned on. Open Preferences window in RightFont, and switch to Sidebar tab, find Icons and make it checked. Now you will find the Icons from the sidebar in main window.

Filter icons by name

The icons in each icon font are carefully tagged and indexed, ensuring the maximum findability. Searching for icons in RightFont is simple and flexible. Just type anything in the top search bar, the icons will be filtered and refreshed in real time.

Drag any SVG glyph to another application

With RightFont, you can choose from thousands of free beautiful icons and insert into Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch. Just drag and drop, the icon will be placed as a SVG vector layer.

Open source license

All icons are created by respective authors and have an open source license allowing everyone to use for free. Please don’t try to sell them. For detailed licensing information, please view this page.