In our recent release of RightFont 5.2, some new features were introduced to make your font management more powerful. With this update, there were some improvements worth highlighting as well. Let's take a look.

Users can now drag fonts across font libraries

Some of our customers requested this feature last week, and we implemented it now! Rather than having to manually reveal the fonts in Finder first, and then import them into another library, you can now drag and fonts to copy between font libraries.

Can activate or deactivate whole font list

As you know, you can bulk select fonts and then activate them via right-click context menu, however, you will find it not convenient enough to activate a whole font list. Today this feature has already been added into our latest release. Enjoy it. 😁

Other improvements and bug fixes

And there are more improvements! For example, we added shortcuts to control font view. In Font group view, only font style name will be shown for you. Besides that, if you activate tons of fonts at a time, a progress dialog will display indicating the importing progress.

Please take a moment to try out these new features and improvements and contact us if you have any questions.