So you’ve probably heard that Google offers thousands of free web fonts ready to be used on any website. But how do you use them on your desktop, more specifically, how to use them in Adobe Photoshop or Sketch? This post will show you how to sync Google Fonts to your desktop with RightFont.

What is Google Fonts?

Google Fonts is a curated collection of open-source fonts for use on the web, with hundreds of font families available for using on their website. All Google fonts are released under open source licenses, and you can use them in your non-commercial or commercial project.

Why should I consider using Google Fonts?

First, the typefaces of Google Fonts are free for commercial use, that means you will not have any trouble with licensing. Secondly, these fonts are web-safe so you no longer have to worry about cross-platform issues. What’s more, unlike other web font services, such as Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts doesn’t have a bandwidth or page view limitation.

So how to use Google Fonts on your desktop?

We are proud to have integrated Google Fonts into RightFont app. When you launched RightFont, turn the Google Fonts syncing on, then you are ready to use the desktop versions of Google Fonts right away.

After activating the fonts with a single click, you can use them in any design app on your Mac.

What is behind the scenes?

Based on the latest Google API technology, whenever a font is updated, or newly released fonts are added, RightFont will automatically update the font on your Mac. The Google Fonts auto syncing with RightFont will hugely improve your current design process, without having to download fonts manually or worrying about out-of-date font versions.