We built RightFont specifically for fonts collaboration and to make it possible to share fonts easily with your whole team. In this post you will learn the basics of fonts collaboration through RightFont using Dropbox.

Creating a Font Library

Font Library introduced in RightFont 5.0 to help designers store all font files in one centralized location for team collaboration. When you add fonts into a Font Library, and share it with another people, they can open it in RightFont by simple double-click in Finder.

To create a font library, click the ⊕ icon button, then choose New Library from the menu. Enter a name for your font library in the dialog, and then choose the folder you want to save this font library.

Dropbox Setup

You need to make sure Dropbox client is running on your computer. Go to Dropbox website to download if you haven’t yet.

Once you installed Dropbox, create a folder inside Dropbox directory and share it to someone who you want to sync fonts with. Then create a Font Library in RightFont and choose the shared Dropbox folder you just created.

The Last Step

The last step is adding some fonts to this shared Font Library. Whenever you made some changes to this library, other people will receive changes automatically via Dropbox client. From now on your team can utilize RightFont as a centralized font distribution system to manage all fonts across your company.