As you may know, the Font Library was introduced in our latest release of RightFont 5. So what is Font Library? How do I use it to manage my fonts?

Let’s get start.

What is Font Library

Font Library is a container where you organize and save all your font files & font lists. It’s nothing new but a special folder on your computer, that can be opened by dragging to RightFont app or simple double-click.

You can sync the Font Library using Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or Google Drive, etc. to share it with anyone.

Creating a Font Library

To create a font library, click the icon button, then choose New Library from the menu. Enter a name for your font library in the dialog, and then click Create button, now you can choose where you want to save this font library.

Importing Fonts to Font Library

Since you have created a font library, now you'll find it from the Sidebar within RightFont. First, select that font library, and then drag some font files from Finder into RightFont, the fonts will be imported right away.

Creating a Fontlist

Like Playlist organizes songs, Fontlist helps you organize font files. Even better, you have the ability to create nested fontlists, and thus better organizing fonts.

It’s pretty easy to create a fontlist -- right-click on a font library, and select New Fontlist from the context menu to do just that. If you want to add a font to this fontlist, drag a font from your library onto its name.

The Font Library and Fontlist helps managing your fonts with ease, and make it possible to share fonts with your team as well.