After one year of hard working, we are very happy to Introducing the release of RightFont 5! RightFont has always been a popular font manager in design community, however, we still received many great feedbacks and feature requests from various designers. Today, we’re rolling out a brand new version of RightFont, let’s take a closer look.

In brief, what we've added in RightFont 5

  • Interface Redesign
  • Portable Font Library
  • Better Performance
  • macOS Mojave Support
  • Dark Mode Support
  • SkyFonts & Monotype Library Integration

Interface Redesign

RightFont 5 was totally redesigned to keep a balance between simplicity and features. It’s now all-in-one font management app for creative designers and teams.

Portable Font Library

As you wish, Font Library is finally introduced in RightFont 5. Now you are able to organize fonts and font lists in a font library, and free to move it anywhere for font sharing or backup purpose.

Better Performance

Performance is a big step forward in RightFont 5, now 2x faster than version 4.0 when importing and rendering fonts.

macOS Mojave Support

RightFont 5 is fully optimized for macOS Mojave, with the support for Dark Mode, Touchbar, color SVG fonts and more.

Dark Mode Support

One of the most prominent features of macOS Mojave is the Dark Mode. Now RightFont 5 has been updated with the full support for the new Dark Mode. When you change the system appearance on your Mac, RightFont will update its appearance automatically as well.

SkyFonts & Monotype Library Integration

With this integration, you can manage all your fonts from Monotype Library or SkyFonts directly within RightFont.

With all these features and improvements, RightFont has been a professional and powerful font management solution for every designer working with a macOS computer.